The Celebration of the USLAW NETWORK Women’s Connection – July 2020 was a monthlong focus on the female attorneys, their female in-house legal decision-maker clients, and corporate partners who are critical to the success of USLAW NETWORK. The Celebration enabled participants to join together in a meaningful way by offering engaging content delivered virtually while still providing distinctive networking and social connections that are such an important part of USLAW and the Women’s Connection. The celebration was put on by women for women. The celebration, which was complimentary to participate in, took place staring Wednesday, July 1 and concluded Friday, July 31.

The Celebration continues to deliver flexibility! View programs on demand when your schedule permits.





CALENDAR: Click here for a full calendar of events.



USLAW NETWORK has created a Women’s Connection Facebook Group.  Connect with your fellow female attorneys, risk managers, legal decision makers, HR leaders, general counsel. Click here or the Facebook logo to connect.


Throughout the month, our team of corporate partners hosted a designated day designed to showcase their expertise and/or how they can help you with your varied legal and business needs. For more information, click here.