USLAW NETWORK updates a trio of compendia

DATE POSTED May 11, 2021
  USLAW NETWORK today releases updates to a trio of multistate resources that address legal questions that often arise in construction law, retail and hospitality law, and transportation and logistics. These state-by-state compendia permit users to easily access state common and statutory law regarding a variety of issues. You can access the updated compendia several […] Continue reading...

Webinar registration is now open: Is the Force with you?

DATE POSTED April 22, 2021
REGISTER HERE Is the Force with you? Analyzing and Comparing of Case-Specific Activities of Daily Living to the Occupant Exposure in Minor and Moderate Accidents In the past, biomechanical experts were limited to utilizing whatever ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) had been previously published when making the comparison between the exposure while undergoing a certain […] Continue reading...

USLAW Magazine Spring 2021 is available for download

DATE POSTED March 17, 2021
The latest issue of USLAW Magazine (Spring 2021) is now available for download by clicking here. What’s inside? In the complimentary issue, you will find important COVID-19 updates, including the impacts of the vaccine from an employer’s perspective and assessing the standard of care for COVID-19 claims. With the expansion of full-scale teleworking in the last year, […] Continue reading...

2021 USLAW NETWORK Membership Directory released

DATE POSTED March 3, 2021
USLAW NETWORK, Inc., an international organization composed of nearly 100 independent, full practice firms, today releases the 20th-anniversary edition of the USLAW Membership Directory. The complimentary Directory includes targeted information about USLAW member firms, including primary and alternate contacts, a full listing of each firm’s practice areas plus specific contacts for primary USLAW practice groups. […] Continue reading...

Hit Me with Your Best Shot: An Employer’s Guide to COVID Vaccines and Other Pat Benatar Songs

DATE POSTED February 4, 2021
As the nation rolls out COVID vaccines, there are many unsettled issues for employers. Can employers require employees to take vaccines? What are the potential liability risks involved? Tune in to this panel discussion that dissects the latest EEOC guidance on the issue and other legal risks while offering practical guidance to employers on this […] Continue reading...

USLAW NETWORK announces 2021 roster of official corporate partners

DATE POSTED January 12, 2021
CORAL SPRINGS, Fla., Jan. 12, 2021 – USLAW NETWORK, an international organization composed of more than 60 independent, full practice law firms, announces its official roster of corporate partners that includes S-E-A, Ametros, Arcadia, Litigation Insights, Marshall Investigative Group, and MDD Forensic Accountants. USLAW corporate partners are experts in technical forensic engineering, legal visualization services, future medical […] Continue reading...

USLAW celebrates 20th anniversary

DATE POSTED January 1, 2021
USLAW is excited to usher in 2021 so we can celebrate USLAW’s 20th anniversary. A small but might group of six firms launched USLAW in 2001 with the vision of creating a network of smaller, regionally based, independent firms with the capability to respond quickly, efficiently, and economically to clients’ needs. Today we are proud […] Continue reading...

USLAW NETWORK releases COVID-19 Civil Immunity Chart

DATE POSTED December 15, 2020
USLAW NETWORK today releases a new multistate client resource that addresses civil immunity in relation to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis for every state and Washington D.C.  Keely E. Duke of Duke Evett, PLLC in Boise, Idaho, served as the author of the USLAW NETWORK COVID-19 Civil Immunity Chart. In response to the pandemic, some jurisdictions […] Continue reading...

USLAW NETWORK releases COVID-19 Statutes of Limitations Quick Guide

DATE POSTED December 14, 2020
USLAW NETWORK today releases its newest compendium of law, a multi-state resource that addresses state statutes of limitations during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Written by USLAW NETWORK member attorneys, the compendium takes advantage of local knowledge and experience in each of the jurisdictions in which USLAW NETWORK firms practice. You can access the newest compendium […] Continue reading...

Lightning Round | Construction Law Practice Group

DATE POSTED December 8, 2020
Lightning Round: USLAW NETWORK Construction Law 5-Minute Drill USLAW members deliver fast-paced presentations and discuss a broad range of timely issues in this USLAW NETWORK Lightning Round. Each presenter gets right to the point with a brief (no longer than five-minute) presentation/analysis. Want information in a quick, concise format? Tune in below. See the full line-up […] Continue reading...