Lightning Round: USLAW NETWORK Employment and Labor Law 5-Minute Drill

USLAW members deliver fast-paced presentations and discuss a broad range of timely issues in this USLAW NETWORK Lightning Round. Each presenter gets right to the point with a brief (no longer than five-minute) presentation/analysis. Want information in a quick, concise format? Tune in below. See the full line-up of content below the video.

A Novel Question: How to Protect the Workforce and an Employer’s Ability to Do Business When an Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19
Jessica Farley • Snyder Burnett Egerer, LLP, Santa Barbara, CA

Kids at Work – What is an Employer to do with the Realities of Intermittent Openings and Closings of Childcare Facilities and Schools?
Anne E. Baggott • Dysart Taylor Cotter & McMonigle PC, Kansas City, MO

Unintended Consequences of Furloughs and Layoffs – Best Practices for Making and Defending Those Decisions
Nadia Bermudez and Greg Garbacz • Klinedinst PC, Irvine, CA

Blurring the Lines: Monitoring Remote Work While Balancing Employee Privacy Rights
Julie Proscia • SmithAmundsen LLC, Chicago, IL

Potential Rise in Disparate Impact Claims and Class Actions Resulting from Claims of Systemic Racism
Julie Z. Devine • Lashly & Baer, P.C., St. Louis, MO

Politics at Work: Harmonious Workplace vs. Employee Rights
Arthur W. Brumett, II • Roetzel & Andress, Cleveland, OH

Avoid the Trap of Wage and Hour Liability for Remote Work
Jennifer M. Martinez • Hanson Bridgett LLP, San Francisco, CA

Non-Competition Agreements – Tips and Traps
Barbara Barron • MehaffyWeber, Houston, TX

Will Your Workplace Investigation be Protected from Disclosure? Best Practices to Preserve Privilege
Sheryl J. Willert • Williams Kastner, Seattle, WA

Bostock – Should We Change the Way We Do Things?
Elizabeth R. Sharrock • Pierce Couch Hendrickson Baysinger & Green, L.L.P., Oklahoma City, OK