USLAW NETWORK, Inc., an international organization composed of nearly 100 independent, full practice firms, today releases the 20th-anniversary edition of the USLAW Membership Directory. The complimentary Directory includes targeted information about USLAW member firms, including primary and alternate contacts, a full listing of each firm’s practice areas plus specific contacts for primary USLAW practice groups.

About the 2021 Membership Directory

  • Each entry provides an overview of each firm’s profile.
  • USLAW member firm profiles are listed alpha by state/region, and firms in Europe are listed alpha by country.
  • A two-page Membership Reference roster is provided (page 4-5) for quick reference across the NETWORK.
  • Each entry includes primary contacts for ease of connections.

Included within the Membership Directory is a multi-page Sourcebook that highlights the many complimentary services and resources provided by the NETWORK. The Sourcebook provides information about USLAW’s Client Leadership Council, Practice Group Client Advisors, corporate partners, virtual programming, USLAW EduNet webinars, Compendia of Law and much more.

To view and download a copy of the 2021 USLAW Membership Directory, click here.


For 2021, USLAW NETWORK is producing the Directory as a digital-only edition. But you can still have it readily available on your desktop by downloading the file and saving to your computer or printing it as needed. Please see below for 3 easy steps to quickly view, share, and download the Directory.





1. To view it in full screen, select the “full screen” icon on the bottom right of the window.
2. To share the Directory with colleagues and clients, select the Share icon in the bottom left of the screen.
3. To download the file to your desktop, choose the Download icon in the middle bottom of the screen.