Demonstratives, Inc. (DI), one of the industry’s premier litigation animation services providers based in Ames, Iowa, has become USLAW’s newest Corporate Partner.

Demonstratives, Inc. (DI) is located in the Iowa State University Research Park in Ames, Iowa, where the use of 3D animation in litigation was pioneered more than two decades ago. Because dedication to engineering visual solutions for clients was the genesis of the company (then EAI Litigation Services), DI was quick to develop their own tools to meet the demands of creating animations for the courtroom. Their animation services can help unify the legal team’s understanding of the facts in a complex case and will help the jury and/or judge clearly understand the facts behind the arguments that are critical to success in the courtroom. DI specializes in aviation, biotechnology, construction, engineering, environmental law, ground vehicle, intellectual property, medical devices and product liability.

Doctorate-level experts, engineers, scientists, animators, illustrators, and modelers on DI’s staff use decades of experience to create scientifically accurate visual presentations. While many of DI’s 3D animations are displayed as movies that experts narrate in the courtroom, DI also produces stand-alone tutorials that are frequently requested by the court in patent cases. DI also leverages its visualization mastery to produce exceptional PowerPoint presentations, which are increasing in popularity, as PowerPoint becomes a viable and convenient platform for presenting sophisticated visual media.

DI’s President, Dr. Dan Kruger, is exited about partnering with USLAW NETWORK. “We are thrilled to become a corporate partner of the USLAW Network. DI’s teaming with some of the best law firms in the nation will provide cutting edge courtroom visualization to their clients, and will give judges and jurors the ability to render decisions based upon a clear understanding of the facts, especially in scientifically complex cases.”

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