Recorded on September 30th and presented by the S-E-A & USLAW joint Live Better initiative, view the inaugural presentation by Dr. Romie on brainSHIFT. This recording will be available through October 28th, 2021.


**Note: a few technical glitches are present throughout the recording due to internet connectivity issues.

Learn to brainSHIFT by focusing on creating vitality, restoration, and a sense of belonging with “The brainSHIFT Protocol.” How often do you or your staff have: Difficulty focusing at work? Racing thoughts before bed? Feelings of stress or anxiety and end up with too many visits to the doctor with no real answers? It’s time to get to the core of the issue and break the Stress-Success Cycle. Dr. Romie’s workshop blends medicine and wellness into her “3 Mindful Steps” and will truly shift your personal and professional lives.