Don’t Just Check the Box: Avoid DE&I Fatigue by Fully Incorporating Initiatives Into Company DNA

DATE POSTED October 28, 2021
Featuring Noble F. Allen, Hinckley Allen (Hartford, CT); Neil V. Mody, Connell Foley LLP (Roseland, NJ) About this program Increasingly, corporate clients and their respective law firms are recognizing the need for meaningful DE&I initiatives, yet demonstrable results can often take years to materialize. In the meantime, organizations can struggle with DE&I fatigue, characterized by […] Continue reading...

Social Wellness: How Building Positive Social Habits and Routines Will Help You Stay Healthier Mentally and Physically

DATE POSTED October 27, 2021
Featuring Bryan P. Couch, Connell Foley LLP (Newark, NJ); Ryan C. Holt, Sweeny Wingate & Barrow, P.A. (Columbia, SC); Lisa Langevin, Kelly Santini LLP (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) About this program The high-stakes, high-paced worlds of legal services and risk management can lend themselves to burnout, anxiety and poor social habits. This session examines some of […] Continue reading...

COVID-19 Employment Hot Topics: Everything from Return to Work to Health Privacy Issues

DATE POSTED October 26, 2021
Featuring Barbara Barron, MehaffyWeber (Houston, TX); Sandra L. Rappaport, Hanson Bridgett LLP (San Francisco, CA) About this program Employers are facing a myriad of issues as the country emerges from an unprecedented pandemic. They need to make policy decisions concerning health screenings, vaccinations, masking, travel, physical distancing, and reasonable accommodation, and they also need to […] Continue reading...

Should Our Traditional Model of Conservative, Neutral and Liberal Jurisdictions be Reconsidered? How Has Today’s Political Landscape Impacted the Composition and Deliberation of Juries?

DATE POSTED October 25, 2021
Featuring Lew R.C. Bricker, SmithAmundsen LLC (Chicago, IL); Christina Maranakis, IMS-Litigation Insights; Sheryl J. Willert, Williams Kastner (Seattle, WA) About this program Eight years of the Obama administration followed by four years of the Trump administration laid the foundation for a new world order in the federal and state courts. Societal, economic and political rifts […] Continue reading...

Passing the Reigns: Law Firm Succession Planning and the Strategic Transfer of Client Relationships and the Role Clients Play in This Transfer

DATE POSTED October 22, 2021
Featuring Michael Bonasso, Flaherty Sensabaugh Bonasso PLLC (Charleston, WV); Larry A. Schechtman, SmithAmundsen LLC (Chicago, IL); Bradley A. Wright, Roetzel & Andress (Cleveland, OH) About this program As the baby boomer generation moves into their mid and late 60s and beyond and begin to contemplate retirement, many strategic decisions need to be on the forefront […] Continue reading...

Gender Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: What It Looks Like and Why It Matters to Your Company Culture, Recruitment, and Bottom Line

DATE POSTED October 21, 2021
Featuring Erin M. Diaz, Wicker Smith O’Hara McCoy & Ford P.A. (Tampa, FL); Hailey Hopper, Pierce Couch Hendrickson Baysinger & Green, L.L.P. (Oklahoma City, OK) About this program Join us for a 360-degree view and discussion of gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace that will focus upon latest trends, key elements, positive tools, and […] Continue reading...

Physical Wellness: Are You Listening to Your Body? Quick and Easy Adjustments That Can Propel You Forward and Deliver Important Health Benefits

DATE POSTED October 20, 2021
Featuring Jeffrey L. O’Hara, Connell Foley LLP (Roseland, NJ); Douglas B. Tumminello, Lewis Roca (Denver, CO) About this program Physical, mental and emotional wellness go hand-in-hand. This session will focus primarily on holistic wellness – making simple adjustments for lifelong fitness improvements. We will discuss a variety of topics, including goal setting, “me time” scheduling […] Continue reading...

What Could an Infrastructure Bill Mean to Your Company and Your Industry

DATE POSTED October 19, 2021
Featuring Thomas A. Ped, Williams Kastner (Portland, OR); John F. Wilcox, Jr., Dysart Taylor Cotter McMonigle & Brumitt, P.C. (Kansas City, MO) About this program The 2021 infrastructure bill promises to make massive federal investments in public transit, passenger rail, roads and bridges, clean drinking water, internet broadband and clean energy. Economists often state that […] Continue reading...

USLAW NETWORK launches “Short Takes” legal education video series

DATE POSTED October 18, 2021
USLAW NETWORK, an international organization composed of independent, full-service law firms, launches a virtual video series that includes 26 discussions on today’s hottest legal topics, forward-thinking initiatives and several areas that address the impact of COVID-19 and how we manage it for a daily work-life balance. In each of these brief video clips – each […] Continue reading...

CMS Compliance & the Recently Filed Qui Tam/False Claims Act Lawsuit: Has the Heat Been Turned Up?

DATE POSTED October 5, 2021
About this webinar This program will focus and provide a summary of the current and anticipated statutory and regulatory requirements relating to compliance under the Medicare Act, as well as the impact of the recently filed case in Federal Court pursuant to the Qui Tam provisions of the False Claims Act, upon RREs and claim […] Continue reading...