Lawyers have always been used to multi-tasking and wearing many hats as we navigate through our personal and professional lives. As the country (and the world) shut down this past March, many of us started having to wear many of those hats all at the same time, and in the same physical space. As many of our firms and companies transitioned to work from home, we have had to more carefully and deliberately navigate the challenges and blessings of working from home. In this panel, we will share our personal challenges, successes, technology tips, and life hacks for living your best (remote) work-life, as well as share what we hope our companies and firms have learned about how embracing flexibility can lead to a better and more productive workforce.


  • Christine V. Anto: SmithAmundsen LLC, Chicago, IL
  • Jacqueline Bushwack: Rivkin Radler LLP, Uniondale, NY
  • Rosemary Enright: Barclay Damon LLP, Buffalo, NY
  • Sarah T. Pagels: Laffey, Leitner & Goode LLC, Milwaukee, WI