Diversity Council

The following is a statement from USLAW NETWORK in support of racial equality (June 2020)

From the beginning of our organization, USLAW NETWORK has championed the cause of racial equality. We believe in the words of Dr. King, that people should be judged by the content of their character, and not the color of their skin. We support peaceful efforts to bring about an end to racism and bigotry in all its forms and look forward to the day when all Americans can live in peace and freedom.

The USLAW Diversity Council is tasked with addressing the important issues of diversity and inclusion as they relate to our member firms, practice groups, and clients. The Council will provide a forum within USLAW that will allow our stakeholders to collaborate and exchange best practices in matters relating to recruitment, hiring and retention of diverse attorneys and staff, and to help facilitate a diverse and inclusive culture within USLAW that will enable our member firms to pursue additional business opportunities.


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