Insurance Law

USLAW brings together more than 60 law firms with deep experience evaluating, assessing, and litigating insurance coverage and bad faith claims. We can offer clients seamless access to competent, quality counsel throughout the United States and around the world. Our member firms provide clients with the complete spectrum of services in this area, from initial coverage opinions on new claims through trial and appeals.

Practice Group Client Advisors

USLAW NETWORK Practice Group Client Advisors participate within the practice groups where they most closely align. These advisors offer important experiences and share insights with designated USLAW practice groups. Practice Group Client Advisors for this group are:

  • John P. Buckley, Associate Vice President, Claims Western National Insurance Group
  • Victoria Higman – Associate General Counsel for Claims Management, United Educators
  • Victoria H. Roberts – Vice President and Counsel, Meadowbrook Insurance Group
  • Christopher E. Strapp – Vice President and Associate General Counsel, IFG Companies

Why Choose USLAW Insurance Law Firms?

As a practice group, we are able to aggregate our decades of experience handling insurance and bad faith claims. Our focus is to provide our clients with access to a team of top coverage and bad faith counsel that are dedicated to help provide solutions to our clients’ most pressing coverage and bad faith needs, with high-quality “boots on the ground” in whatever jurisdiction necessary. In addition, we seek to provide our clients with the tools to stay abreast of important coverage opinions and significant court decisions across the country and the world, tapping into the seamless USLAW network of lawyers.

Because of our group members’ experience and depth in this area, individual attorneys in the USLAW insurance group are well-equipped to help insurers and insureds navigate through the process of responding to and successfully resolving any difficult claim. We are experienced in providing strategic guidance and timely counsel on all steps from the initial investigation through to final conclusion of a claim, providing particularly sensitive and experienced advice on how to successfully resolve exposures to bad faith claims. Through our decades of experience in this industry and our wide geographic footprint, we have long-standing and beneficial relationships with the many parties involved in insurance claims, including qualified experts in the fields of engineering, cause and origin experts, accident and incident reconstruction specialists, and police and fire departments, claims consultants, claims handling and bad faith experts.


Moreover, our reach and experience is further supplemented by our other colleagues in USLAW. We regularly communicate and collaborate with our peers in the USLAW Professional Liability, Transportation and Logistics, Construction, and Employment and Labor Law practice groups to create a broad forum of experienced lawyers with diverse perspectives.  Together, we develop CLE opportunities for our clients and USLAW contacts, educate our group members to ensure comprehensive and consistent counsel across our member firms, and actively engage in a dialogue that focuses on the exchange of best practices in case evaluation and case management, all of which ensures we continue to deliver the highest quality representation to our individual firm clients.

Areas of Practice

Our members’ work with insurance companies and insureds includes:

  • Medical, Legal and other Professional Malpractice claims
  • Defense of Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Products liability claims
  • Premise liability claims
  • Bad faith and fraud
  • Civil rights matters
  • Employment discrimination, harassment, and wrongful discharge claims
  • First party claims, including fire and other casualty loss cases
  • Environmental damage claims
  • Toxic Torts and other long-tail claims, including issues of allocation
  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • Defense of municipalities and school districts in a broad range of matters.

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