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Stephen J. Trayner, Strong & Hanni, PC (Salt Lake City, UT)

About this program

Law firms are increasingly the target for hackers seeking confidential information and ransomware.  Clients are becoming more concerned about what their law firms are doing to combat this attack and requiring firms to adopt best practices and the latest technology to combat the attacks. We’ll explore those client expectations and what law firms can do to meet expectations and safeguard client information.

What are USLAW NETWORK Short Takes?

Welcome to USLAW NETWORK Short Takes. In each of these brief video clips, listen in as USLAW member attorneys lead conversations encompassing six key areas of focus:

  1. Litigation Trends Post COVID-19
  2. Corporate Trends Post COVID-19
  3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  4. Leadership, Management, and Succession
  5. Technology and Innovation
  6. Health and Wellness

Each overarching topic includes four to five discussions. And when we say discussion, we mean it. There will be no formal presentations or panels; instead, we offer unique, facilitated conversations on important forward-thinking topics. Each video conversation is facilitated by Scott C. Carr, director of marketing and community relations at Klinedinst P.C., USLAW’s member firm in San Diego, California.

How can I access them?

There are 26 videos in total. We will release one a day through mid-November. Check back daily for the latest release.

To view what will be released when, click here.

Pick a topic and tune in

The following is a list of complimentary programs. These are being released over a series of weeks. If a topic doesn’t have an active link, check back for a future release.

Litigation Trends Post COVID-19

  • Are We on the Tip of the COVID-19 Litigation Iceberg? Lessons Learned and What to Expect in 2022 and Beyond CLICK TO VIEW
  • Pitfalls and Successes of Remote/Hybrid Depositions, Pre-Trial Conferences, and Trials: What Have We Learned, how is Discovery Impacted, and Where Do We Go From Here? CLICK TO VIEW
  • Should Our Traditional Model of Conservative, Neutral and Liberal Jurisdictions be Reconsidered? How Has Today’s Political Landscape Impacted the Composition and Deliberation of Juries? CLICK TO VIEW
  • Conflict Resolution Tactics During This New and Ever-Changing Environment CLICK TO VIEW

Corporate Trends Post COVID-19

  • Global Supply Chains: Were Businesses Asleep at The Wheel at the Beginning of the Pandemic and How to Avoid Similar Issues Next Time CLICK TO VIEW
  • The Surge of Mergers and Acquisitions: How Has the Complexity of Deal-Making Changed and Where Should Future Strategies be Re-Evaluated Due to Lessons Learned from the Pandemic CLICK TO VIEW
  • COVID-19 Employment Hot Topics: Everything from Return to Work to Health Privacy Issues CLICK TO VIEW
  • What Could an Infrastructure Bill Mean to Your Company and Your Industry? CLICK TO VIEW
  • Regulation or De-Regulation: What is on the Horizon and What to Watch Out For CLICK TO VIEW

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Don’t Just Check the Box: Avoid DE&I Fatigue by Fully Incorporating Initiatives into Company DNA CLICK TO VIEW
  • Gender Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: What It Looks Like and Why It Matters to Your Company Culture, Recruitment, and Bottom Line CLICK TO VIEW
  • Emotional Intelligence: How It Impacts Communications, Risk Assessment, Teamwork, Innovation and Trust in the Legal Arena CLICK TO VIEW
  • Defining Corporate Social Responsibility and the Role That Chief Legal Officers and In-House Counsel Play in Protecting Your Company’s Reputation and Its Future CLICK TO VIEW
  • What You See: Managing Implicit Bias and Its Influence and Impact on Litigation CLICK TO VIEW

Leadership, Management, and Succession

  • Passing the Reigns: Law Firm Succession Planning and the Strategic Transfer of Client Relationships and the Role Clients Play in This Transfer CLICK TO VIEW
  • Game Changers: How to Lead Your Team Through Rocky Times with Plenty of Forward Momentum CLICK TO VIEW
  • Changing Your Paradigm: Improving Teammate Retention Rates and Reducing Turnover in Your Legal or Claims Department CLICK TO VIEW

Technology and Innovation

  • What 2020 Taught Us and How the Disruption Taught Us to Embrace New Technologies, Protocols and More CLICK TO VIEW
  • Ransomware: You Don’t Always Have to Pay CLICK TO VIEW
  • Transformative Times: Promoting Innovation in the Legal Department CLICK TO VIEW
  • Client Demands Regarding Cyber Insurance for Outside Counsel: Why, How Much and What Sensitive Information Must be Covered CLICK TO VIEW

Health and Wellness

  • Legal Considerations with Corporate Health and Wellness Programs: From HIPPA and ADA to Voluntary Participation and Incentive-Based Programs CLICK TO VIEW
  • Physical Wellness: Are You Listening to Your Body? Quick and Easy Adjustments That Can Propel You Forward and Deliver Important Health Benefits CLICK TO VIEW
  • Emotional Wellness: Learn the Signs of Emotional Wellness and How to Overcome Stresses That Can Block Your Path to Success CLICK TO VIEW
  • Social Wellness: How Building Positive Social Habits and Routines Will Help You Stay Healthier Mentally and Physically CLICK TO VIEW
  • Occupational Wellness: Learn How Your Attitude to Your Work, Work Environment and Co-Workers Can Drive You to Stay Motivated, Create Connections with Colleagues, and Find Work-Life Balance CLICK TO VIEW