Goldberg Segalla helped a Fortune 100 company recover a significant sum in a case involving the misappropriation and fraudulent conveyance of funds by a contractor over the course of a several-year business relationship. The case had an immensely complex fact pattern that involved multiple parties and reached across both domestic and foreign jurisdictions. Christopher J. Belter and Daniel B. Moar of the firm’s Business and Commercial Practice Group were retained to collect a six-figure sum from the contracting company. But through diligent investigative work and lawsuits in multiple jurisdictions, Goldberg Segalla’s team discovered the full extent of the misappropriation committed by the contracting company’s principal and recovered several times what was initially sought. The result far exceeded not only Goldberg Segalla’s client’s initial expectations, but also the typical recovery in fraudulent conveyance actions, which usually see the return of only a small percentage of misappropriated funds.