Raymond Watts and Erin Diaz of the Orlando and Tampa offices of Wicker, Smith, O’Hara, McCoy & Ford, P.A. recently obtained a defense verdict in a nursing home negligence case.  The resident was admitted into the Defendant’s facility for rehabilitation services following a series of falls resulting in a general decline as well as a compression fracture.  During the residency, Plaintiff argued that the facility missed developing signs and symptoms of diverticulitis.  Plaintiff further argued that the diverticulitis, left untreated, ruptured thereby resulting in sepsis and other deteriorating signs and symptoms, which were also missed.  When the resident was transferred to an area hospital, Plaintiff argued that the sepsis was too far advanced due the facility’s delay resulting in the resident’s death.  Argument was presented on behalf of the Defendant facility regarding pre-existing conditions that were consistent with the resident’s overall status and physical presentation.  The Defendant also presented causation experts to establish the spontaneous nature of the rupture based upon available radiological imaging which resulted in the resident’s death despite any timing of diagnosis.  Plaintiff asked for $2 million in closing.  The jury returned a defense verdict in approximately 30 minutes.