Altep, Inc.

Official E-Discovery, Cyber Security and Data Forensics Partner

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El Paso, TX 79912
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Roger Miller
President & CEO, Altep, Inc.
Phone: (915) 533-8722, x 1300

Margaret Valenzuela
Executive Vice President, Altep, Inc.
Phone: (915) 533-8722, x 1301

Joe Valenzuela
President, SuperiorReview
Phone: (713) 226-7060, x 1326

Working with our strategic partner, SuperiorReview, Altep assists corporations and law firms with complex discovery management initiatives, including collection, early data assessment, ESI processing, analytics, hosting, managed review, and production. Additionally, we offer full-service consulting to assist with compliance risk assessment and cyber security, and Certified Examiners to provide forensic collection of data related to litigation and investigations.

SuperiorReview is a national certified Minority Business Enterprise with more than 10 years of success in data-intensive, high-profile matters. Altep, Inc. is SuperiorReview’s core partner and a minority shareholder. Together, our firms have provided comprehensive service and support in thousands of engagements, for corporations and law firms throughout the U.S. and in Europe.

At Altep and SuperiorReview, our primary goal is always to identify the strategies, techniques and technologies that can save our clients time and money, allowing them to meet their legal obligations thoroughly and efficiently. Our consultative approach to the development of business solutions is the keystone in this effort – we work closely with clients to understand their driving factors and explore creative solutions which avoid unnecessary costs and provide the best value for their money.

Our teams are comprised of broadly-skilled experts who have decades of experience in data forensics, discovery management, compliance, and cyber security. We continually refine our approach to data and matter management, adopting emerging technologies and developing innovative processes to help law firms and corporations respond to the challenges posed by a complicated, global business landscape.

With a long track record of success in complex discovery and compliance management, Altep has the foresight to help plan for the unexpected, control costs and keep projects and initiatives on track. To learn more, visit our website, or connect with us on LinkedIn or Twitter.