Official Structured Settlement Partner

27422 Aliso Creek Rd, Suite 200
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Jim Ebel, CPCU, ARM
Settlement Consultant
Phone: (630) 718-1213
Email: JEbel@ringlerassociates.com

Melissa Price
Chief Strategy Officer
Phone: (248) 430-0365
Email: MPrice@ringlerassociates.com

Phillip Krause
Managing Director of Strategic Planning
Phone: (954) 661-5105
Email: PKrause@ringlerassociates.com

Founded in 1975, the beginnings of Ringler took root in a common
goal to help injured parties and to bring together everyone at the settlement
table. Working together meant relationships and resources
were the hallmark to our success.

In addition to building individual relationships, Ringler advisors have
always been encouraged as independent owners to innovate and pioneer
the use of sophisticated damage analyses and life care plans for
use in structured settlements. This process over time has allowed
Ringler to better define both the needs and costs associated with future
care and has given Ringler a unique view of the industry.
Ringler is a private, associate-owned company – that results in perfect
organizational alignment to deliver on your requirements. Our
producers and management own Ringler and our Board of Directors
is made up of Ringler consultants as well as outside members who
bring additional business and insurance expertise to every strategic
investment and decision we make. As an associate-owned company,
we re-invest heavily in our business analytics, training, products and
services and make certain that what we do is what’s right for our
clients including, introducing clients to new, state of the art processes,
ideas and products.

Collaboration and independence have always fueled growth at
Ringler. Today there are more Ringler® consultants and more Ringler
offices serving more injured people, attorneys and insurance professionals
than any other organization. In fact, a Ringler advisor was involved
in one-third of all successful structured settlements completed
nationally. That’s experience. That’s resources. And that’s confidence.
Ultimately, though, it’s through our original ideals of bringing together
everyone at the settlement table that drives our success. We strive to
present winning solutions for everyone so that leaving the settlement
process behind feels like a “win” for all parties involved.